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 Today: 27 may 2016 No items 
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 last week: 20 may 2016 - 26 2016 2 items 

Bayer Offers to Acquire Monsanto to Create a Global Leader in Agriculture (13:22)

In response to further market speculation and stakeholder inquiries, Bayer is publicly disclosing the contents of its private proposal to acquire Monsanto. Bayer has made an all-cash offer to acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of common stock of Monsanto Company for USD 122 per share or an aggregate value of USD 62 billion.

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Seminar: "Doing business in Ukraine: Focus on agriculture" (12:39)

Ukraine, the country with its fertile black Chernozem soil and huge agricultural potential, is largely unknown to European investors and agricultural specialists. To increase the knowlegde of the agricultural potential of Ukraine, Promote Ukraine in cooperation with Rehbock & Friends, Brussels Plus and other partners, will organise the business seminar "Doing business in Ukraine: Focus on agriculture".

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 2 weeks ago: 13 may 2016 - 20 2016 No items 
More effort to protect Mediterranean fish stocksLees meer
Accidents with agricultural vehicles: harmonized reporting to boost safety in EuropeLees meer
Commission launches initiative to reduce barriers to innovation and boost circular economy Lees meer
Poland to Court of Justice of the EU because of restrictions to some imported biofuels Lees meer
EU rules on the acquisition of agricultural landLees meer
Commission approves AB InBev's acquisition of SABMiller, subject to conditionsLees meer
Successful Galileo launch brings EU closer to initial services Lees meer
Commission publishes further TTIP documents in ongoing transparency commitmentLees meer
Commission awards exemplary projects protecting nature across EuropeLees meer
Driving blue growth: the way forward for European aquaculture Lees meer
EU agri-food exports keep increasingLees meer
The G7 Summit in Japan on 26 and 27 May 2016: the European Unionís role and actionsLees meer
Japan lifts ban on imports of Italian beef Lees meer
Draft study on impact of TTIP open for public consultation Lees meer
From nature alert to actionLees meer
The land use change impact of biofuels consumed in the EULees meer
Appointment of CEO of SyngentaLees meer
Authorisation 39 substances in line with principles of organic productionLees meer
Member States endorse additional EU measures against Xylella fastidiosaLees meer