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Commission refers Germany to the Court of Justice of the EU over water pollution caused by nitratesLees meer
Commission approves joint venture between Bekaert and OTPP in wire ropesLees meer
Thirteenth round of TTIP negotiationsLees meer
Agritechnica ASIA in ThailandLees meer
Milk producers from over 10 countries reappoint the Executive Committee of the EMBLees meer
Question and Answers on the EU's fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated fishingLees meer
Biotech/GM Crops Planted on Two Billion Hectares from 1996 to 2015 Lees meer
Ardo becomes sole shareholder of Ultracongelados de la RiberaLees meer
Member States endorse additional EU measures against Xylella fastidiosaLees meer
EU agri-food trade continues to increaseLees meer
Use of tomatoes in foodservice industry Lees meer
International Tomato Congress: Trends in Tomato production in EuropeLees meer
Europatat and Freshfel Europe’s First-Ever Combined Annual Event on 2 June 2016 in Brussels Lees meer
Rules for voluntary planning milk production publishedLees meer
Green light for new School Scheme for Fruit, Vegetables and Milk Lees meer
EU Justice Scoreboard 2016Lees meer
Farmers’ incomes: Commission has “no adequate data”, say EU AuditorsLees meer
EU and Mercosur agree to advance trade talks Lees meer
Commission presents measures to modernise VAT in the EULees meer
The European Union governance of the wicked problem of food securityLees meer
EC fines Riberebro €5.2 million for participation in canned mushrooms cartelLees meer
Organic agriculture and pulsesLees meer