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 04 jun 2024 14:33 

Leadership transition SESVanderHave

SESVanderHave has announced that today Rob van Tetering steps down from his position and Lilian Escalon takes over the role of CEO of SESVanderHave, marking a new chapter in the company's journey.

Rob van Tetering has been a driving force behind the success of SESVanderHave since 2008 and has played a significant role in the development of the sugar beet breeding activities following the merger of SES and VanderHave. The management would like to express its sincere gratitude to Rob for his long-term commitment and his valued contribution to the growth of the company.

Rob will continue to serve as a Senior Advisor and will remain a member of the management team until 1 July 2025. This strategic decision is aimed at securing the best possible business continuity, ensuring a smooth transition that will benefit both the company and Rob's successor.

From today on, Lilian Escalon will be the new CEO of SESVanderHave. He brings extensive experience in the seed and breeding industry. Lilian has spent over 14 years at HZPC, a company that is the market leader in potato breeding. Lilian is originally from France, where he obtained a Master's degree in Plant Breeding and Seed Technology in Angers. His operational skills and strategic acumen position him as a dynamic leader who is well-placed to take the business activities to new heights of success.

Lilian Escalon, the newly appointed CEO, commented:
"I am delighted to join such a wonderful company that is focused on bringing innovation to the whole sugar beet industry worldwide. I look forward to leading SESVanderHave in this exciting new chapter and driving continued success for our customers and partners."


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