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 03 mar 2023 14:36 

Chemical testing: New safety animal-free test methods approved

Today, the Commission adopted some 100 new and updated test methods for the regulatory safety testing of chemicals under REACH, the Regulation for the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals. The majority of the newly approved toxicity test methods are New Approach Methods (NAMs) which do not involve animals.

In its various policies, the Commission is committed to animal welfare and strives to reduce and ultimately replace the use of animals for testing. Under REACH, animal testing must be avoided in favour of alternative methods, and tests involving the use of animals can only be carried out as a last resort, and after obtaining approval by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).  

Under the new rules adopted today, internationally approved test methods are referred to directly in REACH, cutting thus on lengthy procedures. With this faster procedure, the Commission is responding to calls to speed up regulatory uptake of non-animal alternatives. It will also contribute to achieving the EU policy objective of ultimately phasing out the use of animals for regulatory testing.

More information is in the news item.


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