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 16 sep 2022 12:52 

Coceral crop forecast september 2022

In its fourth forecast for the 2022 crop, COCERAL sees the total grain crop in the EU-27+UK at 287.9 mln t. This would be down significantly from the 309.5 mln t forecast in May and from the 309.8 mln t harvested in 2021.

Grains (288.7 Kb) Oilseeds (173.8 Kb)

Wheat production (excluding durum) is estimated at 140.5 mln t, down from the 143.0 mln t in the previous forecast and from last year’s 143.4 mln t. The estimate has particularly deteriorated for Spain and Hungary due to extreme heat and drought. The EU-27+UK 2022 barley production is estimated at 59.8 mln t, slightly down from the 60.0 mln t seen in May, but up from 59.0 mln t last year.

The EU-27 2022 corn crop is now seen at only 51.9 mln t (previous forecast: 66.0 mln t; 2021: 70.2 mln t) due to significant downward revisions for a number of countries due to hot and dry weather during pollination, particularly Hungary, Romania, France, Italy, and Germany. In contrast, Poland is expected to see another huge crop of more than 7 mln t, being the third biggest corn producer in the EU after France and Romania. The EU-27+UK rapeseed crop is estimated at 20.7 mln t, the highest level in the last few year. This compares to 19.5 mln t in the previous forecast and 18.4 mln t last year.


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