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 07 nov 2021 17:20 

Liberal White Book Europe 2030

What is the European Union, what should it be?
These questions are as controversial as they are lacking in clear answers. Coming from the historical necessity to integrate European economies as a way to keep national aggressions and egoisms in check and utilise the power of a common market, Union now influences almost all aspects of European political life. Social issues, health, foreign affairs, digitalisation, and trade mark just some of these aspects. And while the success of the single market and European integration is undeniable, this marriage of convenience among the European nations shows more and more cracks. The European Union happened; it did not follow a grand design. There was no agreement on its general direction or the limits of European integration, and therefore all subsequent questions must bear the conflict between those feeling that decisions go too far and those thinking that they do not go far enough.
Internal and external shocks, as well as clashes of values, further shake the EU and make it harder to reach a consensus

White Book (1916 Kb)



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