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 10 sep 2021 13:38 

Coceral crop forecast september 2021

in its fourth forecast for the 2021 crop, COCERAL sees the total grain crop in the EU-27+UK at 312.6 mln t. This is down from the previous forecast of 315.1 mln t, but significantly up from the 297.2 mln t harvested in 2020.

Grains (298.6 Kb) Oilseeds (177.3 Kb)

The wheat production has been revised down to 143.4 mln t from 145.8 mln t mainly due to lower-than-expected crops in France, Germany, and Scandinavia. Last year’s crop was at 128.1 mln t. The EU-27+UK 2021 barley production is now estimated at 60.3 mln t, down from 62.4 mln t in the previous forecast and from the 63.7 mln t seen last year.
The EU-27+UK 2021 corn crop forecast has been revised up to 67.3 mln t from 65.0 mln t (last year: 62.7 mln t) due to weather-related upward revisions for Poland, Germany and the Balkan countries. The Polish corn area has been revised up significantly. The EU-27+UK rapeseed crop is still forecast at 18.5 mln t (last year 17.5 mln t).


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