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 02 sep 2021 16:15 

Belgapom quotation from 2021-2022 season only for Fontane

As of the new storage potato season, the Belgapom price committee will only note the most frequently used price for the trade in potatoes of the Fontane variety.

CEO of Belgapom Christophe Vermeulen: “The potato world is constantly changing. Last season, Fontane was grown on more than half of the Belgian potato acreage. Fontane is by far the most traded on our market. That is why the Belgapom Governing Body unanimously decided that from this season we will only officially list Fontane.”

From now on, the Belgapom quotation is therefore defined as the most frequently used price, observed on the previous working day for the Fontane variety, intended for processing into frozen potato products, field crop 35 mm+, suitable for fries, departure producer, loose on truck, for immediate delivery/collection.

“Although Fontane is dominant, it is obviously not the only variety grown and traded in the Belgian potato sector. For other relevant varieties such as Bintje and Challenger, an 'observation' and a 'market mood' are included in the weekly publication. However, the most frequently used prices for these potatoes will no longer be officially listed," says Vermeulen.

The quotation and observations are published every Friday morning by Belgapom on its website ( In addition, the communication also includes a graphic representation of the evolution of the quotation during the course of the season. As the share of contractual purchases in the Belgian potato market has increased sharply in recent years, a graph with the average contract price for Fontane will also be shown.

It is Belgapom's Governing Body which – on the advice of the Price Committee – determines each year for which variety the price will be officially quoted and for which varieties a market-voted observation will be determined and published.


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