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 17 nov 2020 06:12 

The importance of EU action and strong CAP

Copa and Cogeca Presidents underline the importance of EU action and strong Common Agricultural Policy to stabilize markets and assist farmers during uncertain times

On the occasion of the EU Agriculture Ministers meeting, which took place today, Copa and Cogeca Presidents addressed the deteriorating market situation, the difficulties faced by farmers due to the COVID-19 crisis and the importance of collaborative spirit for the future CAP. They underlined the significance of strong EU action for stabilizing the markets and assisting farmers and called for further steps in helping Member States to prevent the spread of animal diseases such as African swine fever and avian influenza.

Copa President Christiane Lambert took the occasion to underline farmers commitments to increased sustainability under the European Green Deal, stressing the importance of comprehensive ex-ante impact assessments in regards to the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategies objectives and targets. Addressing the current situation on the markets and the on-going trialogues on the future CAP she said, “In this current climate, with COVID crisis, Brexit and market disruptions we realise more than ever the importance of a truly common European agriculture policy. Farmers need predictability and security to move forward with the necessary investment support towards increased sustainability. The CAP proposal and the mandates for trilogues on the table are a result of years of hard work and negotiations between the different EU institutions. It  is our hope that the trilogues can continue in an open and collaborative spirit, respecting the democratic and co-legislative processes and working towards a solution that guarantees an economic, social and environmental sustainability of our sector”.

Focusing on the deteriorating market situation the Presidents also called for additional measures for hard hit sectors from the European Commission, such as for example the recent extension of the temporary market measures for wine or putting forward risk management and promotion measures for the European honey and flower sectors. Such measures should be financed from outside the CAP budget.

Addressing the urgent issue of African Swine Fever, which having impacted the many EU countries through the wild boar population is now putting the whole European pig meat sector under pressure, Cogeca President Ramon Armengol called for further action, “European farmers and agri-cooperatives support all national, EU and stakeholder actions to prevent and limit the consequences of ASF as much as possible and call on the Commission and Member States to step up their efforts to implement stronger wild boar population management. In addition, advocating for the recognition of the regionalization principle by third countries and further investment into vaccine development are essential. The current market situation is extremely negative and threatens the long-term sustainability of the EU pigmeat sector. The European Commission should take the necessary measures in order to stabilise the market and assist the sector”.

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