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 20 nov 2019 16:28 

Ukraine potato import higher than ever

In October, Ukraine imported 92,600 tonnes of potatoes, which exceeds the annual import volume.

Ukrainian Horticultural Association (UHA) Report:
    “The critical situation with the potato import growth in the country reached its peak in October 2019. That month, the record for imports was again updated – 92,600 tonnes of commercial potatoes were supplied to the country – the highest figure in the history of Ukraine for the whole year.”
    “In total, since the beginning of the 2019/20 season, Ukraine has already imported over 142,000 tonnes of potatoes, which is 529 times more than in the relevant period of the previous season.”
At the same time, according to the price monitoring data provided by EastFruit, despite the growth in potato imports in September-October, prices have not significantly decreased. The average potato price over the reporting period ranged from UAH 8 to 11 per kg (32-44 US cents per kg). The current potato price is UAH 9 UAH per kg on average (about 37 US cents per kg).
It is noted that potato prices in Ukraine are higher by about 10 US cents per kg on average than in Poland, and by 20 US cents per kg than in Russia, which is more than twofold. A significant share of potatoes supplied to Ukraine is of the Russian origin, although potatoes are officially imported to Ukraine mainly from Belarus, where potato prices are two times lower than in Ukraine.
Direct potato imports from the Russian Federation have been also recorded, since there is no ban on such deliveries.

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