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 18 oct 2019 22:05 

AgriTechnica 2019: trends in tractors

Meeting Stage V exhaust emissions standards: Some manufacturers have made the shift without fuss, while others are coupling it to the development and presentation of new models.

Exhaust gas aftertreatment systems to meet the Stage V exhaust emissions standard are increasingly contained in compact single modules positioned outside of the engine area. This trend will be seen on tractors shown at Agritechnica 2019

Also a trend: Stepless tractor gearbox that forgoes hydraulic operation and instead has two electric motors that function as variable actuators and additionally provides up to 100kW of electric power for external consumption.

Tractor manufacturers will address the discomfort that drivers experience when operating large square balers by introducing smart systems to counteract the significant forces created by baler plungers.

A new operating philosophy aims to eliminate the boundaries between the on-board world on the tractor and the off-board world in the office, allowing data to be shared on four fully configurable monitors.

Prof Roger J. Stirnimann explains.

 Trends in soil cultivation

The considerable challenges faced by cultivation technology include meeting the requirements of crop production, phytosanitary and soil protection requirements, all against a backdrop of restrictions on Crop Protection products

Weed Control carried out only by mechanical means, as a result of the loss of non-selective herbicides, means additional diesel consumption, with greater CO2 emissions, humus depletion and increased soil erosion and water eutrophication

Cultivation equipment manufacturers must develop tools that lead to the effective removal of weeds on one hand, while simultaneously preserving the degree of soil coverage and the humus content on the other

How is the intensity of soil cultivation developing? Professor Joachim Brunotte and Professor Hans-Heinrich Vosshenrich explain.

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