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 27 aug 2019 09:36 

Results of the multinational farmers’ confidence index

The confidence survey carried out in ten EU Member States in the spring of 2019 showed some positive development, with the confidence index rising after two years of stagnation and decrease. Farmers’ outlook on their future economic situation is also somewhat more optimistic than their assessment of the state of play.
There are not many significant differences between countries, with a majority of them indicating that both the current and the future economic situation are improving.

Report (7434.1 Kb)

This could probably be attributed to the fact that after a challenging year, farmers are seeing an alleviation of their difficulties. There was no major outbreak of African Swine Fever during the first months of the year and pig farmers greatly appreciate the increase in prices. We have yet to see how weather conditions develop this year, but spring was relatively uncomplicated, as opposed to last year’s drought and heatwave. In October this year, the final outcome of the Brexit negotiations and the UK’s decision to leave the EU are once again expected to take place, when we might see some implications on the farmers’ situation. The trade deal with the Mercosur bloc, which was finalised by the Commission in June, will most certainly also have an impact on any future surveys.

The Copa-Cogeca confidence index is compiled twice a year on the basis of the results of national surveys carried out in Belgium (Flanders), Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Sweden and the United Kingdom (England and Wales) on how farmers assess the current and expected economic situation of their farms1.

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