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 15 aug 2019 18:40 

The EU and the US signed an agreement on imports of hormone-free beef

On Friday, the European Union and the United States signed an agreement reviewing the functioning of an existing quota to import hormone-free beef into the EU.

This is yet another deliverable of the cooperation fostered by the Joint Statement issued by Presidents Juncker and Trump in July 2018 establishing a positive EU-U.S. bilateral trade agenda. The agreement allocates 35,000 tonnes of the existing quota to the U.S., phased over a 7-year period, with the remaining amount left available for all other exporters.

The overall volume of the quota opened in 2009 remains unchanged, just like the high European standards for any food put on the European market.

The agreement was approved by EU Member States in the Council on 15 July 2019 and will now be presented for approval to the European Parliament before it can enter into force. For more information, see a press release available online.

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