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 28 jun 2019 18:22 

Environmental tax revenues remain stable in the EU

Environmental and energy taxes remained stable in the EU over the last decade according to a new report on taxation trends published by the Commission today, though a small change was seen in 2017 when revenues decreased to slightly less than 2.5% of GDP.

a new report on taxation trends

Energy taxes - the main component of environmental taxes - accounted for less than 2% of GDP in terms of tax revenues in that year. Other tax revenues in the EU as a percentage of GDP have continued their upward trend since 2009. In 2017, tax revenues in the EU accounted for 39% of the GDP, almost 2 percentage points more than in 2009, with the tax revenue to GDP ratio increasing in 16 Member States compared to 2016. The report, published annually, also contains data on consumption, labour, capital and property taxation, plus rates for personal and corporate income taxes in each EU Member State. The main goal is to provide factual and detailed data on taxation across the EU. Today's report contains a rich set of statistical indicators, comparable across countries and over time. It will support economic analysis in the taxation area, feed policy processes and inform those interested in taxation issues more generally. Download the report here.

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