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 21 may 2019 16:26 

Coceral crop forecast May 2019

In its second forecast for the 2019 crop, Coceral projects the EU total grain crop at 301.0 mln t.
This is slightly up from the March forecast of 298.5 mln t and significantly up from last year’s crop when farmers harvested 281.0 mln t of grains.

oilseeds (140.2 Kb) grains (260.9 Kb)

Wheat production is seen at 140.3 mln t, up slightly from the 139.8 mln t seen in March and well above the 127.4 mln t in 2018. After a dry fall in 2018 and a dry period of 6 weeks in March and April, growing conditions have stabilized recently thanks to rains.

The EU’s barley production forecast for 2019 stands at 59.0 mln t, down from 59.4 mln t previously, but up from 56.1 mln t last year. 

The EU’s corn crop forecast has been revised up from 61.0 mln t to 62.9 mln t (last year: 60.9 mln t) mainly due to a much higher than previously expected acreage in Germany and Romania.

The rapeseed production forecast for the EU has been reduced from 18.6 mln t to 17.9 mln t due to a sharp reduction in the French crop. 

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