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 20 may 2019 17:43 

Overview of EU feed supply

The European Commission published today its latest ‘EU Feed Protein Balance Sheet', which provides a comprehensive overview of EU feed supply.

EU Feed Protein Balance Sheet'

The publication of this balance sheet is a direct follow-up of the report on the development of plant proteins in the European Union published in November 2018 to reflect on how to further develop their production in an economically and environmentally sound way. One of the report's proposals was to improve market analysis and market transparency through better monitoring tools which led to the publication of an updated balance sheet presenting the feed supply, demand and trade of various protein sources and including roughage for the first time. The figures show a contrasting situation with a high self-sufficiency rate for products low in protein content, such as roughage, but low for products with high protein content, such as soya beans. Looking at the total EU use of feed consumption, about 80% of the feed is from EU origin, which is a positive trend.

More information is available online.

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