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 07 mar 2019 15:16 

COCERAL crop forcast march 2019

In its first forecast for the 2019 crop, Coceral projects the EU total grain crop at 298.5 mln t.
This is significantly up from last year’s crop when farmers harvested 280.2 mln t of grains.
Wheat production is seen at 139.8 mln t, up from 127.4 mln t in 2018, because of higher plantings and an expected recovery in yields in Germany, France, the UK, Poland and Scandinavia. The Spanish crop is seen down on year due to dry weather and lower soil moisture levels.

Oilseeds (140.1 Kb) Grains (260.3 Kb)

The EU’s barley production forecast for 2019 stands at 59.4 mln t, up from 56.1 mln t last year. As for wheat, higher crops are mainly expected for the northwestern parts of the EU.
The EU’s corn crop is seen at 61.0 mln t, almost unchanged from the 60.3 mln t last year.

The rapeseed production forecast for the EU stands at just 18.5 mln t, down from the already disappointing 19.7 mln t crop in 2018. The decrease is mainly due much lower plantings in Germany, Romania, and France as a result from low prices and drought during the planting window.

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