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 12 feb 2019 15:57 

CEJA urges doubling the ambition on generational renewal in the future CAP

European young farmers are calling on MEPs to double the ambition for generational renewal in the agricultural sector. The much-appreciated vocal support given to young farmers in the CAP reform negotiations must be matched through funding and concrete, effective measures at the farm level.

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“While we appreciate the vocal support for young farmers expressed in negotiations, it is crucial that more ambition is shown or the generational renewal objective in the future CAP will not be met. MEPs have a responsibility to support young people to build their future in farming. Receiving a decent income is fundamental for that to happen,” said CEJA President Jannes Maes.

Ring-fencing the budgetary allocation for young farmers in the legislative proposals is a fair starting point but the proposed amount will be insufficient in fulfilling the Policy’s objective of generational renewal. More ambition must be shown at EU level so that Member States can ensure young farmers are sufficiently provided for. 

CEJA urges all those involved in the negotiations to keep young people in rural areas in mind during discussions and translate their vocal support into ambitious measures. Without young people taking over farms, the future of European agriculture will be compromised.

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