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 09 mar 2018 17:26 

COCERAL Crop Forecast on Cereals and Oilseeds

In its first forecast for the 2018, Coceral sees the EUís total grain crop at 302.5 mln t, which would be a slight increase from the 299.9 mln t last year. Wheat production is expected to fall to 140.5 mln t from 141.5 mln t. This is due to an expected drop in acreage by almost 500,000 ha after unusually wet weather had affected plantings last fall in Germany, Denmark, Poland and Scandinavia. As a result, production is forecast to drop in these countries, especially in Denmark, Poland and Scandinavia, whereas the Spanish crop is expected to recover after last yearís exceptional drought.

Grains (327.7 Kb) Oilseeds (213.5 Kb)

The EU’s barley production is forecast to increase from 58.0 to 60.3 mln t due to a return to normal yields in Spain and higher plantings of spring barley that was put into the ground instead of winter wheat in areas affected by wetness last fall.

The corn crop is seen re-increasing slightly from 60.9 mln t last year to 61.7 mln t, with higher crops mainly expected for the south-eastern parts of the EU, while France is forecast to see lower plantings and a lower crop.

Rapeseed production in the EU is forecast to slightly increase to 22 mln t from last year’s 21.9 mln t, with higher crops expected for Germany, France and Romania, whereas Denmark, Sweden and the Baltic countries should harvest less due to lower areas and a return to normal yields from last year’s good levels.
Weather over the coming months, however, will be crucial for crop development and final yields and deviations from these first forecasts are not unlikely therefore.

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