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 09 jan 2018 15:34 

AcquaCampus to have its debut at Macfrut 2018

All the innovations in irrigation in a demonstration field, a convention on the theme of water and the presence of the world’s leading plant engineering companies. In other words, an event during the event: AcquaCampus at Macfrut 2018 (Rimini, 9-11 May).

This project, developed by Cesena Fiera in cooperation with ANBI (National Association of Reclamation, Irrigation and Land Improvement) and CER (Canale Emiliano Romagnolo), focuses on the use of water in agriculture, since water is increasingly becoming a key resource for global development.

At Macfrut, AcquaCampus will comprise an exhibition area and a demonstration area. The latter will feature a dynamic 700-square metre field, where visitors will have the opportunity to see cutting-edge irrigation systems in operation.
In addition to these initiatives, ANBI will organise a convention in cooperation with CER to illustrate the results and goals of ongoing research in the fruit and vegetable sector.

“Many foreign delegations will participate, in particular from Africa, and this is what makes Acqua Campus one of the most significant events of our trade fair,” said Renzo Piraccini, President of Macfrut. “Water is a priority issue worldwide, along with reducing waste. I am certain that this project will be a major contribution to Macfrut.”

“Today, irrigation is a prerequisite for the agricultural sector, especially for fruit and vegetables, and it will be even more so in the future,” Francesco Vincenzi, President of ANBI, maintains. “Having the right quality and quantity of water is vital to ensure the success of businesses and to allow 'Made in Italy' agri-food to be competitive in global markets. Acqua Campus, the initiative to be hosted at Macfrut, will be an actual 'laboratory' aimed at bringing together innovation in the use of water as a resource and Italian fruit and vegetable growers.”

The President of CER, Massimiliano Pederzoli, said that he is “very pleased to note that the scientific and demonstration activities implemented by CER in the AcquaCampus fields and laboratories are being developed together with many other innovative activities that optimise water use, which are carried out by the Italian consortia associated with ANBI. Hence, at Macfrut, Acqua Campus will be the brand representing all water use optimisation and precision irrigation activities currently implemented by reclamation consortia for the benefit of irrigated agriculture in Italy.”

The AcquaCampus project was presented during the Macfrut Committee meeting recently held at Cesena Fiera’s headquarters.

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