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 08 nov 2017 15:29 

New edition of Copa and Cogeca magazine launched

Copa and Cogeca launched today the new edition of our magazine featuring interviews with our Presidents and key politicians on the future CAP, Brexit, climate change, renewable energy, glyphosate renewal and more

Magazine (3031.2 Kb)

“This issue gives our latest thoughts on key challenges and opportunities facing our EU farmers and their cooperatives. It underlines the importance of food and farming for both farmers and society, promoting our new recipe book to help consumers know more about food and farming and the real value of it. The increasing challenges facing farmers and cooperatives – ranging from climate change, Brexit, red tape, the cost-price crunch – is underlined. Interviews are carried out with our Presidents and key politicians including head of EU Farm Commissioner Hogan cabinet, MEP Paolo de Castro, the Estonian Presidency. Farmers also tell their story about how they managed to innovative and diversify their farm to overcome the increasing challenges”, Copa and Cogeca Secretary-General Pekka Pesonen said.

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