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 06 nov 2017 15:33 

COCERAL calls for full re-authorisation of glyphosate

Ahead of discussions on 9 November, COCERAL calls on the European Commission and Member States to re-authorise the active substance glyphosate for fifteen years following positive assessments on the safety of the substance from both the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Scientific evidence on the safety of glyphosate is robust: numerous risk assessments on glyphosate have concluded that the use of glyphosate is deemed safe for humans, animals and the environment. Scientists around the world and the EU have proven the case and agree on this evaluation.
European decision-makers and Member States should rigorously follow science when considering the authorisation or renewal of authorisation of active substances in Plant Protection Products (PPPs).

COCERAL is disappointed by the current European Commission proposal to re-authorise glyphosate for only 5 years instead of the full 15 years, and regrets the European Parliament’s vote on 24 October for a 5 years extension.

Secretary General Teresa Babuscio said "Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the world, enabling farmers to produce safe, affordable, quality food. EFSA and ECHA both gave a positive assessment on the safety of the substance. We urge Member States and the European Commission to re-authorise glyphosate for fifteen years as set out in EU legislation".
PPPs are critical tools for farmers to secure sustainable yields in agricultural production in Europe and to manage quality and safety risks for their crops. Glyphosate allows EU farmers direct sowing, avoiding tillage and thus reducing carbon emissions and soil erosion. Therefore, a responsible use of PPPs combined with modern agricultural production methods can positively impact the environment.

Failure to re-authorise glyphosate would significantly increase the risks of trade disruptions for a vast number of food and feed products. Re-authorisation is crucial for international trade to assure continuous and smooth supplies of grains and oilseeds to the EU, especially vegetable protein sources.
COCERAL and its members are committed to place safe products on the market, to ensure food and feed safety compliance and support science-based policy decisions. The decision on re-authorisation should only be based on science and not be influenced by emotional public debates, ignoring science and risk-based results.

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