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 30 oct 2017 16:54 

Dewulf~Miedema will continue under the name Dewulf

Dewulf~Miedema, full-liner in potato and root crop machinery, has chosen Dewulf as its new official company name. With this, the next step is taken in the merger process that both companies began in 2014. Aside from the name, nothing changes for the personnel. The customers and the dealer network can soon enjoy the comfort and advantages of Dewulf as a one-stop-shop. Furthermore, the unified Dewulf is more driven than ever to make work as enjoyable as possible for its customers and to help them grow. This is expressed with its new slogan, “enjoy growing”.

In November 2014, the Belgian company Dewulf and the Dutch company Miedema signed an acquisition agreement. Thanks to this merger, both companies grew to the global top within the manufacturers of agricultural machinery for potatoes and root crops. From the very beginning, both companies were complementary to each other and in the course of the last few years have grown into a single entity. “Internally, we have been working as a single company, but this was not yet reflected in our company name. Our new name is a logical step in order to emphasize and show our close cooperation to the outside world. Together, we will continue as Dewulf”, Willem Decramer, CCO at Dewulf, explains.

Numerous improvements will be introduced for the customers and the dealer network of the new Dewulf. The company will increase the comfort for customers and dealers by becoming a fully-fledged one-stop-shop for machines, spare parts, service and technical support. The familiar Dewulf and Miedema names will remain as brand names for the soil cultivation, planting, harvesting, sorting and storage solutions of Dewulf. The name change will not affect the workforce. Mr. Decramer says, “The improvements will be noticeable very soon to those that collaborate with us. Both in regard to the processes and approach as well as in the change to our office and marketing materials at our three offices in Roeselare (BE), Winsum (NL) and Brasov (RO).”

The name change also includes a new slogan, which is “enjoy growing”. This slogan can be interpreted in a twofold manner. On the one hand, “enjoy” emphasizes one of the core values of Dewulf, namely: being enjoyable. The company places a great deal of importance on the enjoyable and user-friendly operation of its machines. On the other hand, “growing” refers to the economic growth that Dewulf wants to enable for its customers. However, the term also literally refers to the growing of crops and the ingrained passion for agriculture.

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