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 22 sep 2017 13:42 

COCERAL Crop Forecasts - September 2017

Coceral revised down the EUís 2017/18 total grain crop down from 300.3 mln tonnes to 299.5 mln tonnes.

Grains (396.7 Kb) Oilseeds (272.3 Kb) Info (314.6 Kb)

The crop would thus only be slightly higher than the disappointing crop of 296.5 mln tonnes harvested in 2016/17. The wheat crop is forecast at 150.8 mln tonnes, which is still well above the 145.2 mln tonnes harvested last year. The crop estimate was increased for France from 64.4 mln tonnes to 67.6 mln tonnes, but this was slightly offset by the downward revisions for Germany and Spain. 

The EU’s barley crop is now seen at 58.1 mln tonnes, with a reduction occurring mainly for Germany and Spain. Corn production should again be disappointing and reach just 59.2 mln tonnes, which means another slight downward revision in the crop from the previous number of 60 mln tonnes. The main reason why the EU could not achieve crops harvested until 3 years ago is the significant drop in acreage that took place in the last 3 years. French yields will be good this year, while problematic weather conditions have caused a drop in yield potential In Hungary and also in Serbia.

The 2017/18 rapeseed crop in the EU is now expected at 22.1 mln tonnes, which is a slight upward revision from the previous number of  21.4 mln tonnes. The production estimate for France has been significantly revised up, while that for Germany and Poland has been lowered due to disappointing yields.

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